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Welcome to Yushukan Applied Karate

Some Karate History
  • Karate originated on the island of Okinawa and was know as ‘Te’ meaning hand. It eventually made its way to Japan where it was renamed Karate, meaning empty hand. After WW2 Karate spread rapidly throughout the world. Through the rapid spread many of its secrets were lost.
  • Karate is mainly based on self defence but it also promotes many other areas, one of which is the development of good character.
  • Yushukan (Yushu – Meaning Excellence & Kan – Meaning School) is a style of Goju Ryu which is a close quarter based karate style that focuses on hard and soft techniques and developing the internal power of the body. Many styles of karate have emerged over the years. All offer the character developing benefits but they vary in the way they approach training and self defence.

Yushukan Karate Do has a strong and close link to the founding fathers of the Goju Ryu system which was founded by Miyagi Chogun Sensei. 

Miyagi Chogun
Founder: Goju Ryu

Gogen Yamaguchi
Founder: Goju Kai
Direct student of Miyagi Chogun Sensei. 

Shuji Tasaki, Hanshi
Founer: Seiwakai 
Direct student of Gogen Yamaguchi

Seiichi Fujiwarra, Hanshi
Head Instructor Seiwakai International. 
Direct Student of Shuji Tasaki Hanshi. Seiwakai was passed down to Fujiwarra following Tasaki’s death. 

Rod Martin, Shihan
Founder: Hoshindo Karate
Direct student of both Tasaki and Fujiwarra sensei. 

Sam Seigers, Sensei
Founder: Yushukan Karate
Direct student of both Fujiwarra and Martin Sensei. 

What is Applied Karate?

Most people have a fair idea of what karate is. However karate has undergone many changes over the years and these days has more or less split into two categories. These being sport karate and applied or practical karate. 
Sport karate is fairly self explanatory from the name of it. It really involves kata and sparring in front of judges and referees to score points to win the bout or for performing the best kata. Whilst some things cross over into the applied side of karate it is not all completely functional for self defence. 

Applied karate on the other hand is much closer to the original ways of training but incorporating modern training methods and knowledge. Applied karate is designed to teach the students ‘how’ to use their karate if they need to defend themselves. So the training is done in a more practical manner by using three methods. 

Drilling the basic techniques. Using the techniques on training equipment and partners. Applying the techniques freely in simulated situations. By training in this manner students get a more well rounded training approach and feel more comfortable in self defence situations.