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Welcome to Yushukan Applied Karate

About Us:

The name Yushukan (YUSHU = Excellence / KAN = School) means school of excellence and this is symbolized in our logo with the single Japanese kanji for excellence in the centre of 5 circles.

The 5 circles stand for 5 elements principles that we believe in and flow through everything we do.

  1. Shuhari – The Japanese path to mastery.
  2. Kaizen – The Japanese principle of constant pursuit of learning
  3. Mind – Developing good character through training
  4. Body – Developing a strong healthy body that’s able to protect oneself
  5. Spirit – Developing the never give up attitude through focus, preservice and discipline

Yushukan is a style of Goju Ryu that applies the old ways of training in a practical way for today’s world. We train in traditional methods to learn the timeless self defense principles of Goju Ryu karate that have been passed down through the ages. We seek to understand what the masters of old knew about combat and how to best protect oneself from someone wishing to do us harm. We do this through many ways, but the most unique way is how we read and study kata (patterns of movement) like a textbook to apply their principles and techniques to bring it to life in the dojo. Training in this manner helps us unlock the hidden self defense principles so that we are better prepared to protect ourselves should the occasion occur.

Many martial arts practitioners have been practicing kata for many years without truly delving into ‘why’ they are used or ‘why’ they were even invented. I myself was one of these practitioners until I started looking deeper into kata and learning its true meaning. This is when the light bulb came on and karate suddenly took on a whole new meaning.

What to expect from classes:

Our classes contain methods of training fundamentals, fitness training and dojo sparring. One can expect to become stronger, fitter, more disciplined and focused all whilst having a great time in a friendly and encouraging environment. There is no room for ‘ego’ or ‘bravado’ in our classes, we only welcome humility and an open attitude toward learning.

Yushukan training  is best suited to people aged 12 and above. Although we have an introductory level of training for ages 7 – 12 to prepare them for the more in-depth training that comes in our regular classes. Parents and children are welcome to train together in our classes.

I look forward to training with you and seeing your progress. Be sure to check out and ‘like’ our Facebook page in order to keep up to date with everything that is happening. It is the easiest way for us to stay in contact.

Sam Seigers
Head Instructor
Yushukan Applied Karate
Mobile : 0420 973 348