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Kids, Karate and Aggressive Behaviour. 

Over the years I have had many parents ask me whether or not karate is going to make their child aggressive.. Some tend to think that if their child is learning how to fight then they will want to fight all the time. It’s true that karate teaches the principles and applications of self defence however it depends on the instructor as to whether or not the students display aggressive behaviour.

Usually when kids begin karate they are enthusiastic and want to use their new skills which is quite normal. My solution to this is to explain to them before and after their first few classes where and when their new skills can and can’t be used. Also explaining the consequences of using them in the wrong environment.

Over time the formatted and disciplined karate class environment gives the kids their outlet for aggression but in a controlled way. They learn to use their skills in the dojo and not at school or home or any other inappropriate place. In the long term they learn to become calm and they lose the need to want to be aggressive.