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Our Philosophy

The result of true karate is natural, effortless action, and the confidence, humility, openness and peace only possible through perfect unity of mind and body. This is the core teaching of Zen, the basis of Bushido, and our philosophy.

Our story


Testing or evaluation is important to martial artists of many disciplines who wish to determine their progression or own level of skill in some specific contexts.

Various forms and sparring are commonly used in martial art exhibitions and tournaments. Some competitions pit practitioners of different disciplines against each other.

Full-contact sparring or competition, where strikes are not pulled but thrown with full force as the name implies, has a number of differences from light contact sparring.

Martial arts have crossed over into sports when forms of sparring become competitive, becoming a sport in its own right that is dissociated from the original combative origin.

Martial arts training aims to result in several benefits to trainees, such as their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Spiritually-oriented and health-oriented.


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Training Programs

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Traditional Martial Arts
Karate developed on the Ryukyu Islands (now Okinawa, Japan).
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Self Defence Programs
Sense of responsibility, and a higher sense of self-esteem.
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Kids Karate Groups
Millions of parents are for learming martial arts by kids
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Our Results in Numbers

A 1985 study found that children in martial arts have an increased sense of responsibili-
ty, and a higher sense of self-esteem.

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Our Instructors

Luke Karmen

Luke Karmen

Sempai / Assistant Instructor
Sam Seigers

Sam Seigers

Head Instructor
People About Us

I have been training with Sensei Sam Seigers since 2015. I have met some amazing people and made great friends . Sensei Sam Seigers is motivating and supportive, and challenges each student to maximize their potential whether they are an adult or child. I’m as fit and flexible as I have been in 20 years and can recommend karate to anyone interested. My 12 year old son has just started training and is loving it…would recommend Sensei Sam and Yushukan Karate to anyone

Nigel Pitman

Yushukan is an exceptional karate school!! Sensei Sam is a brilliant teacher, who knows how to keep his students engaged and supports them to hone their skills in this fine art. It has been a delight to watch my niece take such an interest in karate through Sensei Sam’s teachings; she looks forward to classes every week and I can already see her confidence growing, as well as her self discipline and positive mindset. Highly recommend!

Louise Lombard

Yushukan karate is a traditional martial art with a modern applied focus. Sensei Sam Seigers delivers technical instruction that is embodied giving his students a solid foundation on which to develop a deeper understanding of the art physically, mentally & spiritually. Whether a beginner or more advanced student, child or adult there is something for everyone on offer through Yushukan karate.

Jason Morning

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