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About Yushukan Karate

Yushukan in Japanese (Yushu, meaning excellence and Kan, meaning school) translates to English as ‘School of Excellence’. Excellence is represented on our logo by the single Japanese character for excellence directly in the centre. Behind the symbol are five interconnected circles, these circles represent the 5 elements of training that students focus on to cultivate excellence throughout their karate journey. The five elements are as follows.

  1. Shuhari – The Japanese term for the path to mastery
  2. Kaizen – The Japanese term for the principle of constant pursuit of learning
  3. Mind – Developing good character and a strong healthy mind through training
  4. Body – Developing a strong healthy body capable of protecting oneself and others
  5. Spirit – Developing a never give up attitude through focus, discipline and perseverance

Elements 3, 4 and 5 are also know by the Japanese term Kokoro. This translates to the connection between mind, body and spirit. This is the reason the circles in the logo are interconnected as all 5 elements need to be present.

The Yushukan Karate Do logo was created in Japan by Mr Yoshida, a relative of a close personal friend of Yushukan founder Sam Seigers Sensei. Mr Yoshida is enormously proud to be a part of the creation of the Yushukan logo and to have his work and native country Japan represented in the west.

Yushukan Applied Karate is a Goju Ryu based style and was founded by Sam Seigers Sensei who has over two decades of karate training and teaching experience both here in Australia and overseas.
Yushukan has a close lineage tracing back to the founder of Goju Ryu the late Chojun Miyagi Sensei. Goju Ryu is an Okinawan/Japanese martial art that focuses on strong and powerful close-range techniques. It is known for forging strong bodies that are capable of producing incredible amounts of power.
Kata (forms or patterns) and their applications are an integral part of Goju Ryu. Yushukan Applied Karate training is based around the practical application of these kata into real life self defence situations.

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Yushukan Applied Karate is a proud member and affiliate of Gojuryu Seiwakai Karate Do Australia & All Japan Karate Federation Gojukai Australia