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Who Can Join?


Many people wonder if karate is something they can do or is it just for kids… Karate training really is for anyone. People can start karate at any age and for many different reasons. Some of those reasons being self defence, fitness, flexibility, focus, discipline, concentration, weight loss, stress relief and the list goes on. 

At  Yushukan we encourage everyone to give training a go. In fact over the years we have seen many parents who once sat on the side lines get involved and become black belts themselves. 
If you are wondering can I do it, then the answer is a resounding YES! 

Contact us today or click one of the links to do our 5 lesson trial. This really is the best way to find out for sure. 

Check out this testimonial to verify the above information…. 

My 10yr old son had been doing karate with Sensei Sam for about 1.5yrs before I joined in during a few training sessions. And once I started I couldn’t go back to sitting on the sidelines! Such a great way to keep fit and strong and tune both body and mind at the same time! 
Amy O’Shea – Cabarita Dojo

Money back guarantee for martial arts class and self defence lesson

“Yushukan is THE fun way of learning self defence!  You understand by applying the basics you learned through partner work  Not only is that fun but it also deepens the understanding of why.
Yushukan is an  inspiring and motivating way of keeping me engaged in personal health and fitness. Every time I learn more about my body and myself and I can push myself a little bit further. I only started 3 years ago, age 45. I re-discovered self-discipline,  perseverance and grown a natural ambition! I can only imagine how I would feel if I had stared on this journey earlier.”
Benjamin Schneider – Cabarita & Tweed heads Dojo