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“Bridging the gap between the past and the present with the practical application of karate”

Are you looking for an effective martial art that can be used in today’s unpredictable world? Karate was originally developed to be applied in any self-defense situation! Learn the secrets of the masters and give yourself the edge….


After being seriously injured in an unprovoked assault over 25 years ago as a teenager, SAM SEIGERS decided that this would never happen to him again and if it did he would be ready. Since that time our dedicated instructor, Sam has trained in the art of traditional karate studying under many instructors in both Australia and the USA. Now training under and learning from the Senior members of the Seiwakai branch of Goju and bringing his own knowledge and experience to the art Yushukan Applied Karate mixes the old traditional ways of training with new methods designed to give life to the art of karate, A new energy, and an effective training method of self-defense.   

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Three adult males in karate lesson practicing self defence in Cabarita Beach

We train in traditional methods to learn the timeless self defense principles of Goju Ryu karate that have been passed down through the ages. We seek to understand what the masters of old knew about combat and how to best protect oneself from someone wishing to do us harm. We do this through many ways but the most unique is how we read and study kata like a text book and bring it to life in the dojo.


At Yushukan Karate we work with people who want to improve their overall health and fitness both mentally and physically and gain valuable self-defense skills. Most people struggle to find a fitness activity that provides results and maintains their interest over time. As well as that, another struggle is finding a martial art that suits you and provides a place where you feel comfortable and encouraged.

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What people say about us

I have been training with Sensei Sam Seigers since 2015. I have met some amazing people and made great friends . Sensei Sam Seigers is motivating and supportive, and challenges each student to maximize their potential whether they are an adult or child. I’m as fit and flexible as I have been in 20 years and can recommend karate to anyone interested. My 12 year old son has just started training and is loving it…would recommend Sensei Sam and Yushukan Karate to anyone

Nigel Pitman

Yushukan is an exceptional karate school!! Sensei Sam is a brilliant teacher, who knows how to keep his students engaged and supports them to hone their skills in this fine art. It has been a delight to watch my niece take such an interest in karate through Sensei Sam’s teachings; she looks forward to classes every week and I can already see her confidence growing, as well as her self discipline and positive mindset. Highly recommend!

Louise Lombard

Yushukan karate is a traditional martial art with a modern applied focus. Sensei Sam Seigers delivers technical instruction that is embodied giving his students a solid foundation on which to develop a deeper understanding of the art physically, mentally & spiritually. Whether a beginner or more advanced student, child or adult there is something for everyone on offer through Yushukan karate.

Jason Morning

My family and I have All studied karate under sensei Sam for a long time. We could not more happy with the level professionalism and respect shown at every session. The Kids really enjoy the fitness and the Kata skills they learn. Great family fun. Thanks Sensei Sam

Peter Bruhn

My son (7) and I joined about a month ago and we are really loving it! Sensei Sam is very patient with the beginners. My son commented: “everyone is so nice at Karate”, made me so happy to join this community of nice people ✨✨✨
We are both looking forward to progressing our skills as go on this journey!

Lisa Gane

Sam was my Sensei for over 5 years.His lessons changed my life.
Not only did he teach me the technical aspects of karate and how to get the best out of my body physically, he also taught me how to set goals and maintain a positive mindset. He always challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone.
I can not thank him enough for the path he set me on and I am forever grateful for the time he invested in teaching and mentoring me.

Garth Hardwick

My son and I have been training with Sam for about 3 years. Over this time, I have really enjoyed seeing my son and the other kids improve their confidence, co-ordination, focus and discipline. Sam is great with the kids and a great role model. His approach to teaching & karate creates a learning environment that is welcoming and inclusive while his skill, knowledge & encouragement inspires everyone to train hard towards their next goal. Time in the dojo each week is a fantastic outlet to just focus on karate, challenge the mind and body, and improve fitness. We are both looking forward to continuing our journey with Sam and Yushukan Karate and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about getting started.

Peter Rose

Yushukan is THE fun way of learning self defence! You understand by applying the basics you learned throuh partner work Not only is that fun but it also deepens the understanding of why.

Yushukan is an inspiring and motivating way of keeping me engaged in personal health and fitness. Every time I learn more about my body and myself and I can push myself a little bit further. I only started 3 years ago, age 45. I re-discovered self-dicipline, perseverance and grown a natural ambition! I can only imagine how I would feel if I had stared on this journey earlier.

Benjamin Schneider

Yushukan is the perfect balance of traditional and modern karate. This family friendly dojo caters to young and old, whether you are simply training for fitness or looking to start/continue your karate journey Yushukan is the karate for the modern era.

Luke Karmen